South China Sea Islands

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Φ Latitude
λ Longitude
Drummond Island
Observation Bank
Antelope Reef
Pattle Island
Money Island
Discovery Reef
Passu Keah
Triton Island
Bombay Reef
Vuladdore Reef
Woody Island
Lincoln Island
Tree Island
West Sand
North Reef
Scarborough Shoal
Great Discovery Reef
Discovery Small Reef
Namyit Island
Taiping Island
Loaita Island
Thitu Island
West York Island
Sin Cowe Island
Union Atoll
Nanshan Island
Flat Island
Jackson Atoll
Alison Reef
Pratas Islands
Siamese Shoal
Northeast Cay
Carpenter Shoal
Oliver Shoal
Bankok Shoal
Cathy (Cathay) Shoal
Penguin Bank
Balfour Shoal
Pigmy Shoal
Engeria (Egeria) Bank
Howard Shoal
Phillip’s Shoal
Learmonth Shoal
Plover Shoal
Smith Shoal
Truro Shoal
Magpie Shoal
Addington Patch
Bassett Shoal
Parry Shoal
Cawston Shoal
Tancred Shoal
Combe Shoal
Hardy Patches
Hand Shoal
Margesson Shoal
Walker Shoal
Payne Shoal
South Vereker Bank
North Vereker Bank
Rocky Island
Latitude Longitude
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