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Yantra Yoga Introduction

Similar to horoscopes, one can harness the power of Yantra Yoga (numerology) to learn and discover what influences are happening in one's life.

Unlike astrology, the numerology information provided is more practical to one's life rather than mystic.

Which is better? Astrology or numerology? It all depends on who you talk to and your personal preferences. Ultimately it is said that the best numerologists and astrologists will come to the same answer.

While there are many forms of numerology, the original science of numerology is known as Yantra Yoga, which this information is based upon.

Yantra Yoga Cycles:

Unlike a personal reading, the information provided reviews your numerological cycles. What this means to you is that the influences in your life are reviewed rather than your personalities and/or characteristics.

Numerological cycles do not make predictions. Numerology cycles help us much the same way a farmer understands the seasons. A farmer would be foolish, as an example, to plant his seeds in the winter rather than the spring. When you understand your numerology cycles you then learn the seasons in your life.

Understanding your numerology cycles allows you to know when to start things just like the farmer knows when to plant his seeds. When you work in harmony with your numerology cycles you then help obtain success in all aspects of your life. At the same time, understanding your numerology cycles allows you to realize why there have been failures much the same way the farmer would say I was such a fool to plant the seeds in winter. I should have known those seeds would never have grown.

By identifying what numerological cycle you are in, suggestions are made. It's for this reason that many appreciate the numerology cycle information for its practical guide to every day living.

There are 9 yearly cycles which encompass 108 monthly cycles and 3285 daily cycles (not including leap years). After all of these cycles are finished, one starts again at the beginning. In addition to the yearly, monthly and daily cycles, one can also calculate cycles by the hour, minute, second and all the way to the millisecond or even nanosecond. In all honesty, the cycles can be calculated to infinity but for practical purposes, yearly and monthly cycles are most crucial followed by daily cycles.

There are also cycles known as the cosmic and solar cycles which have an outside influence on your yearly, monthly and daily cycles. But for general purposes, one does not need to worry about them but they are more important than a daily cycle.

The information provided currently talks about your yearly, monthly and cycles. Each year, month and day your information is automatically calculated and updated.

You will not find this information anywhere else. Few people know or have the knowledge of the cycles. This information is created specifically by Time Genie for its users with the help of Swami Harinanda and Yogi Karmananda.

How To Benefit From This Information:

To benefit from this information, it's important to understand or realize that your yearly numerological influences are the most important. The yearly cycles act as a guide so you can realize how to plan, develop and grow your life during the year.

The monthly cycles are the next in importantance. The monthly cycles act as a guide so that you know what needs to be done, or what should be done, each month of the year so you can have a succesful year.

The daily cycles help you discover what should be done each day so you can have a successful month which in turn helps you have a successful year.

No Two People Are The Same:

Two people may be under the same influence, but they will react differently to those influences based upon their personalities, characteristics, age, location in the world and so on.

As an example, a student who is in a cycle of success may find that selling his used school books earns him some valuable money. Meanwhile, a self employed business woman just sold her business and made a million dollars.

Long or Short Versions:

When you read the information related to your numerological cycles you will be given the opportunity to read a short or long version.

As most are new to this sort of information, the short version really helps to keep things simple. The long version then allows you to get more information as you get more comfortable and have a better understanding of your cycles.

It's possible you might find the information overwhelming at first. But that's only because you are not familiar with numerological cycles. If this is the case, the key is to come back and read your information once a week or every day for your daily cycles information. This will allow you to absorb the information slowly but surely.

The Plant Cycle:

In Yantra Yoga, cycles are related to the life of a plant starting with the seed and ending with the plant creating new seeds so it can start the whole process again. When reading your cycle information, you will discover references to the life of a plant.

When we talk about a seed, we are talking about a thought . A thought is like a seed because all actions begin with a thought, much like all plants start with a seed.

Here is a brief summary of how the cycles work.

First Cycle:

Time to plant a seed. New life and new beginnings are highlighted. This is the time to plant wise seeds so you create a wise life plan.

Second Cycle:

Your seeds take root. Your life plan begins to develop a foundation. A time to gently nurture your life plan much like a farmer gently tills and waters the soil.

Third Cycle:

Your seed begins to show life above ground with the first leaves appearing. A time of expression and creativity. You find your life plan begins to take off allowing you to celebrate and have some fun.

Fourth Cycle:

Time to build a strong stalk so your plant can withstand the challenges of nature. The previous cycle, due its creative influence, can leave you disorganized because you had so much fun. Therefore, build a strong stalk during this time period by organizing your life. This will help ensure your life plan is strong enough to continue and ultimately succeed in the 8th cycle.

Fifth Cycle:

Your plant starts to grow branches. New life appears. It's time to have your life plan branch out. But you also want to prune back unecessary shoots in your life plan much like a gardener prunes back branches on his tree that are twisted, not needed or that hamper the main branches from growing healthy and strong. By pruning back the unecessary shoots, you put all the energy into making strong shoots so you have healthy branches rather than weak and leggy.

Sixth Cycle:

You start to see buds appear on your plant. A time of hope and aspirations. You start to get a sense of the success that will soon come. It's as if it is spring time when you see the buds on the trees while knowing that after the bud comes the flower — and we all know how beautiful flowering trees are.

Seventh Cycle:

Your plant begins to flower and bloom. A peaceful time in life. Time to rest. Enjoy the full bloom of your life.

Eighth Cycle:

Time to take in the harvest as the flowers have turned to fruit. Reap the rewards of your life efforts especially financially.

Ninth Cycle:

Seeds drop. The seed you initially planted has come full circle. The plant is now producing its own seeds. Keep the best seeds and throw away the bad. This is a period of reflection. Re–plant your best seeds at the start of your First Cycle.

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